Episode 7

1-54 Forum London 2021 | The Walk Towards the Future (French)

1-54 Forum London 2021

14 - 17 October

The Walk Towards the Future (French)

This open-ended conversation explores the concept of artist as philanthropist; the artist as the maker and progenitor of institutions, and the diverse ways that they approach this aspect of their practice. Is institutionalism a form of artistic practice? Or rather, is it a by-product of a hollowed vacuum that requires re-imagining, regenerating? How do these engines fuel a vision for a collective future? How do we sustain them and enliven them with the potential tools required to sustain their existence? Dr. Omar Kholeif leads a conversation with artists Michael Armitage, Bill Kouélany, and Otobong Nkanga.

In partnership with Phaidon to celebrate the publication of 'African Artists.' Available for purchase on phaidon.com. Save 20% using PHAIDON20.


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