Episode 13

1-54 Directors Talk London 2019 | Supporting African and Diaspora Artists

1-54 London

3 - 6 October 2019

Directors Talk: Supporting African and Diaspora Artists

An opportunity to hear from directors at the forefront of institutions championing African and diaspora artists both on the continent, and internationally. Gus Casely-Hayford (Smithsonian National Museum of African Art), Koyo Kouoh (Zeitz MOCAA), Sonia Lawson (Le Palais de Lomé) and Othman Lazraq (MACAAL) are joined by moderator Rebecca Anne Proctor (Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar Art)

Image: © Katrina Sorrentino 


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1-54 Forum
Accompanying 1-54, the leading international art fair dedicated to contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora, is 1-54 Forum, the fair's programme of discussion, performance, readings and other interventions.