Episode 11

1-54 Special Project Talk London 2019 | Thread, Senegal

1-54 London

3 - 6 October 2019

Special Project London 2019: Thread, Senegal

Artists Silvia Rosi and Annie-Marie Akussah discuss their residency at Thread, Senegal Thread is a cultural centre and artist’s residency program in Sinthian, a remote village in eastern Senegal near the Gambia River and the border with Mali. It enables artists from around the world to advance their work in an exceptional setting and serves as platform for people from throughout the Tambacounda region to share their own stories with a wide audience that extends internationally. Besides being an uplifting space in which artists work, the Thread space serves the local people as a base for educational pursuits, while simultaneously serving the local population by retaining rainwater and thus creating a viable source for 40% of the village’s domestic water needs.

Thread’s presentation highlights the work of two young London-based artists: photographer Silvia Rosi and painter Annie-Marie Akussah who explore ideas around identity and migration, subjects that are linked to their own West African heritage. At Thread, they have each, in different ways, taken a closer look at more and less visible cultural archives in the Tambacounda region.



Image: © Katrina Sorrentino 


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