Episode 3

1-54 Forum New York 2022 | Archiving, Reclamation, and Authoring Your History

1-54 FORUM New York 2022

May 21-22, 2022 (22/05/2022)

Archiving, Reclamation, and Authoring Your History (2:00 pm EST)

The renaissance of archival resources and collections that center global Black experiences has fostered an appetite for a better understanding of how we define archives and how archival collections can be employed in the cultural arts. Whose narratives do the archives hold and what is missing? Should artists think about the archive as a mode of legacy building? Steven G. Fullwood (Nomadic Archivist Project), ceramicist King HoundekpinkouRianna Jade Parker (Brief History of Black British Art), and moderator Novella Ford are storytellers, archivists, researchers, and artists who will engage these questions and share their journeys to and through archives.


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1-54 Forum
Accompanying 1-54, the leading international art fair dedicated to contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora, is 1-54 Forum, the fair's programme of discussion, performance, readings and other interventions.