Episode 6

1-54 Forum London 2019 | Reimagining Africa's Place In The Indian Ocean

1-54 Forum London

3 - 6 October 2019

Reimagining Africa's Place In The Indian Ocean

Artists, curators and art historians have explored Africa’s connection to Europe and the Americas extensively, but the continent’s position within the Indian Ocean has been relatively neglected despite its importance. As Ashraf Jamal (Cultural Analyst, Author and Associate in the Visual Identities and Design Research Centre, University of Johannesburg) describes, ‘long before the European circumnavigation of the southern tip of Africa, the Indian Ocean has been the ‘cradle of globalisation’. Jamal will be in conversation with Mauritius-born artist Shiraz Bayjoo, who works with archival sources to investigate the legacy of European colonialism and explore the complex histories and relationships of migration and trade in the Indian Ocean. Together they will discuss the artistic, social, cultural and political histories of the Indian Ocean and the role Africa has to play in shifting power relations.

1-54 Forum London 2019 was generously supported by Arts Council England and Christie’s Education

Image: © Katrina Sorrentino 


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